Accessing the Collegiate Landscape

Spring Flowers bloom in front of The Gorgas House Museum.
Spring Flowers bloom in front of The Gorgas House Museum.

The interim period on college and university campuses often seems quiet. Courses finished, students graduated or moved home, and fewer people walk across their grounds. But, this time often offers opportunities for those who cannot usually access the collegiate landscape.

Earlier this week, we hosted a tour of the grounds and home for an elementary school group from Selma, Alabama. Organized by a colleague at Moundville Archaeological Park, peers across the museum system hosted these enthusiastic students!

Ages ranged from eight to eleven and their questions reflected their curiosity.

“Do you live here?” “Can I touch this piano?” “How old is this place?” “Is it a house?” “Is it haunted?” To be honest, many adults have asked the same things.

The Gorgas House’s content and collections usually skew a little higher in an age range. Most guests are usually college-aged or older. But, experiences like this with elementary school students show that these historic spaces offer something for everyone. Whether that be an architectural change over time, collections care, or simply a budding interest in history.

Have a great week!

– Written by Brandon Thompson, Director of the Gorgas House Museum