Slow Art Day 2023

Our location at the heart of The University of Alabama’s campus creates near-limitless opportunities for student and faculty engagement.

Cultures, Not Costumes

First celebrated in 1990, Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) is a time to recognize the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the United States.

Dresses That Were Threaded Through History

The Gorgas House Museum, and museums in general, provide spaces for people from multiple disciplines, interests, and backgrounds to come together. This includes our off-campus community members as well as

Museum Preservation and Conservation Efforts

Museum preservation and conservation efforts often include the maintenance of the museum itself. Historic house museums, like the Gorgas House Museum, require special care and expertise to maintain or repair

Camp 1831

Many colleges and universities offer first-year experience programs similar to The University of Alabama’s Camp 1831. These programs help new students in their transition to their selected institution with events,

Engaging With the Space

History shows us that change is constant. And this is true for historic spaces, the narratives they share, and the interpretations they develop. The built environment, including buildings, walkways, fountains,

Exhibit Development and Research

Museums and art galleries create exhibits to showcase specific topics of interest. These can be about a specific moment, historic event, person, interpretation, or almost anything deemed educational.

The Gorgas House’s Silver Objects

Museums and curators have many responsibilities. They create exhibits for their guests to learn about a variety of topics, develop programs for public engagement, and often host events as a

Architecture of The Gorgas House

The Gorgas House provides a place to learn about The University of Alabama’s history, a space for campus engagement, and a home for our student communities, but it is also