Collection Tour and Burlap Art

Brandon Thompson gives a student tour of UA Museums' Collections.
Brandon Thompson gives a student tour of UA Museums’ Collections.

The Gorgas House Museum is now offering weekly blog posts on our website! We intend to offer a review of the week’s programs, events, and points of reflection. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or comments.

Brandon Thompson, the Director of the Gorgas House Museum and the Chief Curator & Director of Museum Research and Collections provided a tour through the Special Collections repository to students in the UA Museums Student group. It’s a privilege to share in this behind-the-scenes experience and explore the entomology, paleontology, and ethnology & history collections, among others with our students. It fosters creativity and we offered a glimpse into the many roles of curators.

On April 27, 2022, Dr. Sharony Green of The University of Alabama’s Department of History and students enrolled in her Antebellum America course, dropped a large burlap art installation from the top floor of Woods Hall. They originally held the installation at the Gorgas House Museum for Slow Art Day on April 1st and brought the museum to life with an artistic interpretative lens.

Finally, the Gorgas House is always looking for ways to engage our campus and public communities and foster collaborations. One way to achieve this is by developing relationships with different student groups on campus. Today, UA’s STEMinist: Graduate Women in STEM, a student organization that supports women in STEM fields, held a small coffee hour in the museum.

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– Written by Brandon Thompson, Director of the Gorgas House Museum